Hazardous Container Terminal

Hazardous Object Container Terminal

T.B.C. Terminal is a state-of-the-art Terminal with security- and road connection

Tank Container Heating

Heating Tank Container

If your product requires heating, T.B.C. Terminal has heating systems ultra-high electric and hot water

Bonded Storage

Bonded Storage of (Tank) Containers

In process to obtain AEO certification and bonded storage. Scheduled to obtain the certification in 2016-Q2

Container Storage

Container Storage

T.B.C. Terminal is a one-stop-shop for transfer and storage of loaded (tank) containers

Location Rotterdam - Botlek

T.B.C. Office & Terminal in Rotterdam

40.000 m2 container storage in the Botlek


T.B.C. Terminal participates actively to a sustainable logistic process. With the possibility to transport many containers by water, we manage a multimodal logistics chain for many shippers. Cooperation in the chain is the key to success; efficient use of equipment, preventing additional handlings, encouraging research into alternative propulsion and increasing the share of inland waterway in the transports are a number of measures. The transport of containers by barge emits less CO2 than road transport.

T.B.C. Terminal works green.