Hazardous Container Terminal

Hazardous Object Container Terminal

T.B.C. Terminal is a state-of-the-art Terminal with security- and road connection

Tank Container Heating

Heating Tank Container

If your product requires heating, T.B.C. Terminal has heating systems ultra-high electric and hot water

Bonded Storage

Bonded Storage of (Tank) Containers

In process to obtain AEO certification and bonded storage. Scheduled to obtain the certification in 2016-Q2

Container Storage

Container Storage

T.B.C. Terminal is a one-stop-shop for transfer and storage of loaded (tank) containers

Location Rotterdam - Botlek

T.B.C. Office & Terminal in Rotterdam

40.000 m2 container storage in the Botlek


Camera surveillance

For the optimal security of your containers and our personnel, the T.B.C. Terminal is also equipped with continuous camera surveillance.

CargoCard® access

For arriving and departing containers we have a strict control system, drivers must identify themselves using the CargoCard®. The CargoCard® is a chip card, which gives each truck driver a unique ‘electronic identity’. In the Port of Rotterdam the CargoCard® plays an important role in the transportation of containers by trucks.

Camera surveillance R.B.C. Terminal
CargoCard® access R.B.C. Terminal