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If you’re frustrated by expensive ticketing systems that put their logo on top your ticketing page, you’ll love how TicketSpice empowers you to control the entire ticketing experience.


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  • Branding Control
  • Set and Keep Ticketing Fees
  • Instant Funding
  • Scanning & Box Office Apps

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  • Flat 99 cent per ticket
  • Flat credit card rates
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No Contracts or Setup Fees

What Our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it. Our customers love Ticketspice.

Setting up an online ticketing site is a breeze with TicketSpice. The attendee scanning mobile app was a joy to use.
I have used various ticket platforms for our zoo and TicketSpice is by far the most flexible system I have ever used.
Flexibility, ease of use, packed with features, low cost, and a turnkey solution. I love EVERYTHING about this software.

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Save thousands of dollars, countless hours and celebrate as we take care of your ticket issues.

Plus a team of event pros who know how to save your time and make you more money.

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MazinoTickets is All About Helping with Your Ticket Stress

You need a ticketing partner that is unique and custom as your event. MazinoTicket ghes you with your Event Ticket ssales from start to finish. Lets do it for you, We have technical knowledge required.


Total Branding Control

TicketSpice gives you total branding control over the ticketing experience. From the ticketing page, confirmation, emails and even down to bank statements, the experience looks like you, not us.


Ticketing Fee Control

You get to set, markup and keep any ticketing fee you charge on the ticketing page with 100% of that revenue going to you, not us.


Fully Integrated Social Media Tools

Our social media tools are fully integrated into the registration experience. Turn your registration form into a social media magnet with our plugins, applications and integrations.


Instant Funding

Any event promoter knows cash flow management is key to running a successful event. With TicketSpice you get access to your funds instantly with daily payouts.

Plus you get a world class team that's on your side to help.

MazinoTicket is great with the support crew behind the system. The moment you need help, these folks are there, and are ready to offer assistance


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